Mgr. Tereza Šafránková DiS., Autistic classroom

Mgr. Tereza Šafránková DiS., Autistic classroom

The Zahrádka Primary School has one class for children with autism spectrum disorder. Since the school teaches pupils with multiple handicaps, the kids in this class have not only autism spectrum disorder but other associated impairments (mental, sensory, or physical) as well.


2023/2024 school year

2023/2024 school year

Welcome! Every year, we plan a special project theme that we follow all the way from September to June. And this year is no different. We’ve decided that this year, we will travel around the world… virtually, that is. The main theme is “The Journey.” During art class, our travelers Erik, Vláďa, Julinka, Robin, Dorka, and Miriam will be painting the sea, the continents, countries, flags, and monuments. We’ll join with the Full Moon Café to bake and cook international and Czech recipes. During our classroom and learning activities, we will get to know and study and look over atlases, travelogues, guidebooks, and pictures from all over the world. We’ll also spend the year creating a giant wall map of the world. So:  “All on board, distant shores await…”



We’re starting the new school year with a sunny group – Dorka, Robin, Miriam, Julinka, and two new sunshines: Adam and Eriček. Graduating last year were Filip and Péťa.

Our sunny Dorka is graduating this year, and so we wish her a warm year doing the things she enjoys. It’s going to be fun, since Dorka loves good food, good times, and good moods!

Our main project theme for the year is the SUN, and we hope that we’ll be able to shine all year round.




Classroom teacher Maruška leads her AUTI TEAM into the new school year.

May it be a year full of joy, health, hope, support, dancing, and good mood…


The auti team sails into the new year with the following sailors on board: Filip, Dorka, Robin, our recent addition Miriam and the youngest of us all, Julinka.

The ship’s officers are: classroom teacher Maruška, class director Terezka, Gábina, David, and teacher’s assistant Karolína.

EDIT December 2021
P.S. Terezka has taken over the helm from Maruška as classroom teacher.


Our group welcomes a new first-grader, little, friendly, smiling Julinka.
Julinka, we hope you will like it among us.
This is the last school year for our oldest pupil, Adéla, and so it will be a “farewell” year for her, but also a year inspired by a film with the name Adéla in the title. And what a coincidence: Our colleague David enjoys cultivating carnivorous plants! And so we came up with the idea of setting up a customized aquarium for carnivorous plants in our classroom. We plan to look after them, and at the end of the year the pupils can take the plants home. Adéla
likes to spend time outside and also likes churches, chapels, and similar buildings, and so we decided to fulfil her wish to visit and get to know various churches and other interesting places around Prague. We plan to record these places, along with photographs, in a diary in which we will follow up on the places we saw last year. I’m sure we will more than fulfil Adéla’s wish.
In conclusion, let me quote from the film I mentioned, Dinner for Adele, where detective Nick Carter says, “A tour of the local sights… Alrighty… Sightseeing it is them.”


Dear friends,

Out unique gang has put together a special offer for the new school year: “COME EXPLORE… ŽIŽKOV…”

Come explore… the mysterious and magical world of Žižkov with us. You can look forward to interesting reports from our journeys, led by our skilled guides – our pupils.

For instance, join our guide Dorka for a tour of Žižkov Tower!

Or Adéla will take you to Žižkov’s shops, and in just a few minutes you can fill your shopping basket full of sinful crunchy delights!

Our gastronomic guide Filip will choose the ideal Žižkov restaurant with the best lunch menu!

Strong man Robin takes you through Žižkov’s parka and tunnels!

Our team – Marie, Terezie, Gábina, and David – is looking forward to seeing you for Friday snacks at the FULL MOON CAFÉ… or any other time as well.

 COME EXPLORE… the school year with us!



In September, we were joined by two new teachers, David and Zdeněk. We sure hope you’ll like it here! Our long-term colleague Honza has piled his gardening tools into the wheelbarrow and gone off to bring joy to another room. Thank you for everything, Honza!
And our dear students? They’re the same old gang, with the same energy, playfulness, passion, interest, and hunger for learning everything new. We’ll bake cakes together again as part of our Full Moon Sweet Shop. And we’re planning to expand our interest in recycling as part of the “Recyloplay” project about collecting used batteries. Don’t hesitate to join us by bringing us all your batteries!


Winners of the 2019 Aplaus Award

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