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We are a class and rehabilitation room for eight children with severe multiple handicaps. Also in our class are three teachers, who are sometimes joined by other colleagues from the Zahrádka Primary School (special education teacher, music therapist) and the Zahrada Integration Center (ergotherapist and physical therapist). Our activities are both individual and group-based – classroom, separate room, gymnasium, studios such as the snoezelen room, basal stimulation with harmonizing bed, visual classroom, canine therapy, and the whirlpool followed by the relaxation room. Weather permitting, we spend time on the outdoor terrace, in the garden, go for hippotherapy, go on walks, or even go on multi-day field trips. 


2023/2024 school year

2023/2024 school year

Howdy... and another school year is upon us. Our class’s experienced pupils (Emička, Adélka, Adrianka, Violka, Paulinka, David, and Viktorek) and their teachers (Vlaďka, Veronika, Milena, Michal, and Jakub) have started off the new school year with a smile. And they’re sure that their smiles will last all year long. To spice things up, they’ll be engaging in their favorite activities: singing, learning, painting, music therapy, movement exercises, and basal stimulation. And at the end of the year, there’s a big trip into the outdoors. So let’s go to it – with a smile!




Hi! We’re back in school. This September, our class’s experienced members – Paulinka, Emička, Adélka, Adrianka, David, and Viktorek – welcomed a new classmate, Violka. The teaching team is still the same. We look forward to flying through the school year in good health, joyfully and enthusiastically. Helping us along are our activities – singing, learning, talking, music therapy, painting, cooking, learning about street safety, exercise, and basal stimulation. Hooray! Let’s go to it!



Here we are, all together again! Still with us from last year are Paulinka, Emička, Adélka, and David, who are joined by two new pupils: seventh-grader Adrianka and first-grader Viktorek. The old adult lineup – Michal, Veronika K., Milena, and music therapist Vlaďka – has been strengthened by the addition of teaching assistant Veronika F.

This school year, we plan to learn, sing, dance, paint, cook, exercise, relax, and also swing on our new swing.

And our wish for this year ….   – All the most joyful swinging and swaying.



This year, we decided to fully enjoy and experience the school year (and our time together). And we know why... because we don’t know what the next day will bring. The days flow by, full of changes – both pleasant and less pleasant. But that is a part of life. For some, this will be their last school year, for others their first. For us all, it is above all a year spent with good friends… And those are: the girls Adélka, Paulinka, and Emička, and our young gentlemen David, Martin, and Michal. Plus the adults Ludmila, Veronika, Michal, and our new additions, the music therapist Vladislava and teaching assistant Milena. Our animal friends are still with us, as well: the birds and Trnka the dog.



Come one, come all... and off we go! It’s really fun in our class.

Awaiting us in our specially furnished room are good times, good hearts, good coffee, good thoughts, good chairs and a good couch, a good match between socks and clothing, and good moral support... things are good. And we hope they will be good all year long.

And who are our good little creatures? Adélka, Paulinka, Kačenka, Michal, Martin, and David, that’s who! And the big ones are Ludmila, Veronika, Barbora, Michal, and Zdeněk.

And the littlest of all are our birds and our “dirty dog” puppy, Trnka the border collie.



A matter of the heart – that’s the motto for the school year. We have decided to do all the things that are close to our heart, and we’re looking forward to it because we all have a big heart.

This year’s group is new. Lenka and Katka have gone in search of new experiences in the neighboring classrooms, and Štěpánek has left with them. But we’ve been joined by a new student, David, and our teachers Veronika and Barbora.



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