Mgr. Veronika Kočerhová 2017/2018

This year our group remains unchanged. All our pupils have successfully moved on to the next grade.

Adam is in the second grade. He loves music most of all, all is sure to enjoy it as much as he can.

Little David is in the third grade. He loves movement, and so we are always doing exercises together.

Amálka is in her fifth year of school. She, too, is very movement- and action-oriented, and so our main goal is to learn how to relax and slow down.

Jakub is in his final year of school, so we make sure to offer a diverse range of experiences.

Thea has moved to the eighth grade. When she is not in class she spends time with her peers in Jana and Honza’s room.

Because of his state of health, big David is learning from home in line with paragraph 42 of the education act. We are thinking of him and wish him and his parents much strength and patience on their difficult journey.


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