In early September, we set out on a “Journey Around the World.” This is our theme for the whole year. We are sure that it will be a beautiful and shared learning adventure, but most of all that it will be fun. We’ll be keeping a traveling diary and taking photos along the way, so you can look forward to it with us :-).

The expedition’s leaders are:
Běla, Petra, Robert, and Zdeněk

Alex, Anička, Honzík, Lukáš, Matyáš, Simonka

On 14 Sept. 2017 we said good-bye and “departed” on our journey around the world. In the school’s garden, there were several stations set up that we all passed through. We started with prayer wheels at the yurt in Mongolia. Then we continued by building a bridge out of sand (“písek“) in Písek. After this, we had a slice of Šumava bread along with Vysočina salad and Znojmo gherkins. Then we photographed ourselves below the Alpine peaks (bottles of “Alpa” hanging from a tree) and continued into the jungle. For strength, we drank Melta in Malta. And in the end we balanced next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

PICTURES from the start of our Journey Around the World

On 4 Oct. 2017, we set out for America and Serbia. We carefully prepared everything in advance, making flags and buying Coca-Cola and popcorn. And then we enjoyed the view over the abandoned quarry called Amerika. On the way, we enjoyed the town of Svatý Jan pod Skalou, where we tossed coins into the local well. We had lunch in Serbia (the village of Srbsko), but unfortunately the “locals” didn’t have any Serbian specialties. Well, there was nothing we could do, so we made do with schnitzel and dill soup. :-).

PICTURES from our trip to America and Serbia

PICTURES from our trip to Vilémov – Alex, Honzík, Robert, Zdeněk



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