This year, there are no new additions to our class, but some people have left us. Our old teacher, Ondřej, has gone to lead another class, and Thea has moved up to the older kids’ group.

Our teacher, Běla, has been sprucing up the classroom for individual teaching, and is thinking of new ways of making teaching fun and interesting.
Petra, Zdeněk, and Robert are planning interesting themes for our “classroom activities.”

We started with “traffic,” specifically “cars.” If you promise to keep a secret, then I’ll tell you that we are planning to visit a real-life traffic training arena and then to create something similar at school. In art class, we are already painting signs and other important things.

Regular activities we can look forward to include the whirlpool, the snoezelen room, canine therapy, art, handicrafts, and more. One new activity is that we are planning to visit a salt cave every month.

Honzík has moved up from preschool to first grade. He is still great at music, especially when it comes to drumming with his feet. 
Alex is now in the second grade. He is training himself and us in long-distance running.
Matyášek is an expert in music and good moods. 
Lukáš, our organizer, can get anything done. :-)
Anička is model and a nibbler all rolled in one. When it comes to eating, don’t even try to compete with her.
Simonka has beautiful new pink glasses. What more could one want?!

We are looking forward to another year together! We are sure to enjoy it!!! :-)


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