Project day “Winter with Animals” (7 December 2020)

Project day “Winter with Animals” (7 December 2020)
We began our project day with singing and playing the guitar. We sang songs about animals: Swallow, Orangutan, Little Kitten, Three White Crows, The Cowher, Aesop and the Ant.
Later in the morning, we talked about animals and looked at pictures of them using the Bitsboard application on an iPad. The app even knows how to say their names. ¨
The main treat of the day was live animals, brought to us by Mrs. Kateřina Nepustilová from the Ratinka experimental garden: the rooster Ludvík, the hen Kvokatilka, the young bunny Jonáš, and the adult rabbit Jáchym. Mrs. Kateřina told us how animals protect themselves against cold through their fur or feathers. Everybody got a chance to pet all the animals. 
Then we went outside and tried for ourselves how warm it is, for example, under a chicken’s wings. It was great fun! Another project activity was sewing heat pouches filled with salt. Everybody got a chance to operate the sewing machine’s pedal as we sewed together pouches that we filled with salt. We also made colorful covers for them. The salt-filled bags can be warmed in a microwave and then stay warm for a long time to come. It was a successful day. Thank you for your visit!


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