Harmonizing bed

 For several years, our school has offered alternative therapy on a “harmonizing bed”. This wooden bed with musical strings promotes overall harmonization. It is a kind of sonic massage for body and soul that “irradiates” the person with sound. On the basis of the principle of “intuition-inspiration-improvisation”, we create live music, here and now. Working with live music is an important aspect of our approach to music therapy.

In the area of sensory and extrasensory perception, the influence of live music on the human body results in a state of relaxation and release. Among other things, deep relaxation helps to lower the level of stress hormones, reduces blood pressure, and relaxes the smooth muscle tissue.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Mr. Karel Hanzík (www.kantely.cz), who made the bed for us and with whom we continue to consult our work, as well as Mr, Vlasta Marek, who provided his advice and support when we were first starting out with this activity.

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