Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy helps to relax and strengthen mind and body and aids in the treatment of specific complaints.

The name for this technique comes from the words cranium (skull) and sacrum. The cerebrospinal fluid flows past these regions at a changing rhythm that can be sensed by touch at certain “listening stations”, most of them on the head and along the spine. In everyday life as well as during difficult periods (stress, emotional difficulties, following injury or operation), the body responds with tension that the body remembers and stores in its tissues. If the stress is great, it can turn into chronic pain and illness. During craniosacral treatment, the therapist senses immobilized places, which he softens and relaxes by light touch and tension. The body is relieved and strengthened and regains its balance.

Craniosacral therapy is based on the fact that the body possesses its own sources of strength and renewal; treatment strengthens immunity and improves inner equilibrium. After treatment, the client tends to have a greater sense of health and vitality.

During craniosacral treatment, the client and therapist work together in a calm and secure environment in order to release tension in the body as it appears during therapy. Following an introductory interview, the therapist concentrates and the client lies down comfortably on a bed while fully clothed. Together, they try to be aware of the room as the therapist uses light touches to slowly relax any tension he finds in the tissues. Clients usually experience a sense of relief from stress and an overall strengthening. Treatment lasts 45 to 60 minutes. With children, we work individually and according to their needs and capabilities.

Craniosacral therapy is suitable for:

children with learning disorders, hyperactivity or epilepsy, in case of back pain or early-onset scoliosis, during neuroses or depression, as an auxiliary treatment for migraines, after operations or injuries, as a treatment following trauma, for sinus infections, for diffusing emotional and psychosomatic problems, for treating stress and exhaustion (chronic fatigue syndrome) and more.



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