Railway Day at the Integration Center

Railway Day at the Integration Center

Dear Travelers,

Welcome to our IC (inter-city) train number 76 from Prague-Vršovice……. to Benešov.

The train features a dining car, but unfortunately it is without service and, more importantly,  without supplies. But if you have your own supplies, you are more than welcome to come and consume what you have brought.

It is forbidden to use the toilets while the train is stopped at a station, because when the train leaves travelers waiting on the platform would be presented an unpleasant sight amidst the junk between the tracks.

It is also forbidden to jump on or off a moving train, to jump on the conductor, and to punch the conductor. The conductor, however, is allowed to punch your ticket. It is also forbidden to punch any of your fellow passengers. Nor should you punch a drink, but don’t worry – punch is allowed.

You should not light a cigarette on the train. Only the boilerman is allowed to light up – specifically, he is allowed to light the coal in the steam engine.

Please do not lean out of the windows, or you will be covered in soot, and not even your wife, mother, sister, or grandmother will recognized you.

You may sleep on the train. Counting sheep is the only time livestock are allowed on board.

You may also speak, sing, meditate, look out the window, learn, read books or magazines, and watch DVDs. You can also swear – I mean, swear not to cause trouble. You can chew gum (but be respectful to your fellow passengers and be careful with loud popping bubbles). You may also take off your jacket, sweater or sweatshirt. I guess that about wraps up our list of things you are allowed to do.

But most importantly, please do not delay the train personnel. The railroad places great emphasis on order and on regular departure times.

Okay, no more delays. We can go. Wishing you a pleasant journey!

- whistle blows for departure

14 Oct. 2015



Different City Experience

Different City Experience

On the afternoon of Saturday, 19 September 2015, “Different City Experience” took place in front of the Aero Cinema.

The purpose of the event was to meet and get to know our neighbors from all over Žižkov, in which the event was more than a success. We participated with products by and photographs of our children.

We are extremely happy at people’s responses, especially the mothers who would like to visit us with their children, spend some time in our garden, and spend some nice time with us.


Start of the 2015/16 school year

Start of the 2015/16 school year

7 September 2015 Start of the 2015/16 school year

Attention, attention! During the renovation of the boiler room over summer break, someone discovered a treasure in the basement of the Zahrada Integration Center. According to preliminary reports, it contained rare pearls and all kinds of other valuable items. The new school year promises a lot of excitement, since a part of the treasure has gone missing and the suspects are everywhere among us. What is more, because of just one rain shower, all evidence looks to have been washed away.

So: concentrate, prick up your ears, and focus your eyes, and let the search begin! God thing we’re not alone – the world’s best detectives are here to help us. Did you recognized them? The inquisitive Miss Marple, the respectable Hercules Poirot, the great Colombo, the beautiful Sergeant Makepeace, and the fun, action-oriented Abby from NCIS. Even Adrian Monk and Inspector Maigret have sent their aides. (Note: any resemblance between our teachers and well-known detectives is purely coincidental.) Their team is made up of our dear pupils, who will actively participate in the search for the treasure.

The sun came out during the cutting of the “detective” cake, refreshments, and the parent-teacher meeting. May the next 10 months bring lots of joy and success.




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